Focus Parent Portal

  • Starting School Year 22-23, more information will be discovered online ONLY using the Focus Parent Portal! Parents will continue to access report cards and other important student information like current course grades, attendance, discipline referrals, and progress monitoring results. In addition, parents can update some beginning of the year forms such as the Consent Form, Student Emergency Card and Student Digital Resource Access Modification Request.

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    When registering, please have the following information
      • The student 香港六合彩直播开奖 Id number
      • The student Date of Birth
      • The Parent Account Pin Number
        Contact your child’s school for the Parent Account PIN
    Log into your FOCUS account with a current username and password
      • Click I would like to ADD A CHILD who is already enrolled
      • Fill in the following information
        o The student 香港六合彩直播开奖 Id number
        o The student Date of Birth
        o The Parent Account Pin Number
      • Complete by clicking Add Student
      • Finalize by clicking I am FINISHED adding students. Please take me to the Portal

    Password Recovery can be completed by filling in the email address on file and clicking Submit.