Instructional Materials Policies & Procedures

  • Per s.1006.28, F.S. Duties of district school board, district school superintendent; and school principal regarding K-12 instructional materials

    Each district school board is responsible for the content of all instructional materials and any other materials used in a classroom, made available in a school library, or included on a reading list, whether adopted and purchased from the state-adopted instructional materials list, adopted and purchased through a district instructional materials program under s.1006.283, or otherwise purchased or made available.

    Instructional Materials & School Library Media Center Plan

    School Library and Classroom Library Materials - Limited Student Access Form


    • Parents of students attending a public school in the district or residents of Charlotte County interested in reviewing currently adopted instructional materials may contact Kristen Carey, Executive Secretary to the School Board at
    • A convenient time to provide access to a currently adopted textbook will be arranged, and all reviews will occur at the office of the School Board located at 1445 Education Way, Port Charlotte, Florida, 33948.
    • Only student textbooks will be available for review.
    • Textbooks may not leave the building.