Do the Right Thing Awards

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    The Do the Right Thing of Charlotte County recognition ceremony was held on Thursday, May 2, 2024, at Punta Gorda Police Department. The following students were recognized:



    Scotty Gilkey, Sallie Jones Elementary, Grade KG

    Scotty was honored for turning in lost money. Scotty found a $20 bill in the hallway and did not hesitate one minute to let the closest adult know that it needed to be returned to its rightful owner. With a smile on his face, he handed it to me and went off to his kindergarten class. Scotty did not realize that this was an amazing example of several of our 8 habits, but most specifically "do the right thing when no one else can see.”


    Braydon Lamb, Punta Gorda Middle, Grade 6

    Braydon was honored for reporting a break in to authorities. Braydon happened to be riding his bicycle in the neighborhood and witnessed 2 juveniles break into a building and called CCSO. A road patrol arrived, and Braydon directed them to the suspects. They were apprehended after a brief foot pursuit, arrested, and provided full confessions. Braydon witnessed something happen he knew was wrong and acted by calling law enforcement and provided detailed information to include the suspects' description. Had it not been for Braydon, these criminals most likely would not have been apprehended.


    Grayson Nash, Liberty Elementary, Grade 2

    Grayson was honored for consistently being responsible, respectful, and always being courteous to others. There have been several instances recently where Grayson has been "caught" standing up for other students who are being picked on, going out of his way to be kind to others, and being willing to step in and help others who need it. While there are several examples of Grayson and his exemplary behavior, it truly is just part of Grayson's character and personality. Liberty Elementary is so proud of him.

    Shariah Watson, Port Charlotte High, Grade 12

    Shariah was honored for helping a fellow student. After a basketball game she observed a student screaming, crying, and attempting to walk off campus. When asking the student what happened, Shariah observed her face was covered in blood, and she was having trouble walking. The injured student lives nearby and was attempting to walk home. Shariah calmly told the student to stay at school so she could receive the proper care and helped the injured student to the ground while another student (Tyrell Luther) ran to get help. Shariah calmed the injured student down while help was on the way.


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