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香港六合彩直播开奖 Staff, Kathleen Richardson, Saved Child's Life

Kathleen Richardson photoThis came from our Director of Transportation:

I just want to share a story that one of our bus attendants, Kathleen Richardson, shared this morning with me.

As Kathleen was outside of her home, cleaning up after hurricane Ian.  She heard her neighbor yell, "Someone please help me, call 911".  Kathleen dropped what she was doing, and ran behind the neighbor's house to find the mother pulling their seventeen (17) month old child out of their swimming pool. The child was blue and unresponsive.  Without even thinking, Kathleen grabbed the child, and told the mother to call 911. She explained how she turned the child over and started patting them on their back until the water came out of their mouth.  She then proceeded to perform CPR on this child, until EMS arrived. Kathleen did what she was trained to do, as a Charlotte County Bus Attendant.  

As I arrived for work this morning, Kathleen was running up to me, excited to tell me what had happened, but most of all she was very thankful for the training that we had given her.  Thank God!

This is all about...

Neighbors helping neighbors, and 香港六合彩直播开奖 employees being trained and well-prepared to assist in so many different situations.

Kathleen is a representative of all of our amazing Support Staff employees.